Business vehicles in a row.

Unforeseeable events force companies to pay even greater attention to their own liquidity. But how can a company purchase company cars without putting too much strain on its own balance sheet when they are not in use?

During a crisis situation, it is important to preserve one's own liquidity as quickly as possible and to reduce fixed costs to a minimum. This is ongoing until the course of business returns to normal. Through instruments such as short-time working, costs can be reduced on a personal level. With regard to suppliers, deliveries may be suspended or the delivery date postponed. However, a purchased or leased vehicle, or even several, must be financed and maintained at all times and without compromise.

Your cars are no longer fixed but variable costs

Thanks to Carvolution, companies can return their company car at any time and flexibly. Indeed, a company car, which is purchased via a subscription, can be returned or changed each month, after a freely chosen minimum period. However, in the case of leasing, a heavy fine must be paid in the event of premature termination of the contract. This freedom means that the car, or the entire fleet, is no longer fixed but becomes a variable cost optimally adapted to the company. Consequently, all expenses related to the car can be reduced if necessary, or be completely discontinued or even terminated.

Vehicles you can get rid of again if necessary

In addition to the advantage of flexibility, a subscription car also brings considerable administrative relief. The car is purchased at a fixed monthly price including insurance, taxes, buy-back, tires, repair and maintenance. Whereas the leasing or car purchase is usually planned over several years and the corresponding commitments are contracted, a car subscription has a starting period of 3 months. If you are sure a vehicle will be used for a longer period of time, you can also commit yourself for a longer term car membership and benefit from a reduced price. But even with very flexible contract conditions, the Auto-subscription is not only convenient, but also very advantageous, according to a study carried out by Comparis: For many Swiss people, the car subscription is interesting and it the cheapest alternative compared to leasing in every aspect.

The car subscription, a low-cost and above all flexible solution

Carvolution achieves significant discounts when buying cars in bulk, which are passed on to customers in the form of attractive prices. In addition, cooperation, for example with the Mobiliar, offers cost advantages. Indeed, the fully comprehensive insurance is also part of the car subscription. A car subscription is like your own car, but without excessive costs and with a long contract term. Customers leave the complete management of the vehicles to Carvolution and in return receive the all-inclusive, carefree package with maximum flexibility and cost transparency, without great financial risk.

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