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The car subscription is still in full swing. More and more people are giving up buying or leasing a car and opting for a subscription instead. This makes life around the car so much easier. That's why in this blog post we compare Carvolution to another car subscription provider. With von Rotz Autos im Abo, you can also drive your car on a subscription basis.

The all-inclusive package

All you have to do is get behind the wheel and drive. Taking care of insurance, cantonal registration, taxes, maintenance and tyres is a thing of the past. You don't have to deal with the paperwork with Carvolution or von Rotz. However, unlike von Rotz, Carvolution includes an AVIA fuel card or an evpass recharge card in its package.

Minimum duration

With von Rotz, the minimum duration is 6 months. After that, you can return your car within 30 days. With Carvolution you can choose between 7 minimum terms: 3, 6, 12, 18, 24, 36 and 48 months. The longer the minimum term, the cheaper your subscription. You also have 30 days' notice after the minimum term has expired.

The kilometre package

The kilometrage package also differs between the two car subscription providers. While von Rotz offers a single flat rate of 1750 km, Carvolution offers 5 different flat rates: 850 km, 1,200 km, 1850 km, 2,500 km and 3,250 km. The kilometrage package can also be adjusted independently in the app if you notice that you are driving too much or too little. So you only pay for what you need.

Your vehicle

With Carvolution, as with von Rotz, you drive a new or like-new car. With Carvolution, your car is registered in your canton of residence, so if you want to apply for a parking card for the blue zone, that's no problem. At von Rotz, your car will have a TG number plate. If you want your car to be registered in your canton of residence, you will have to pay CHF 170.

Carvolution is distinguished by the following aspects:

  • With Carvolution, an AVIA fuel card or an evpass charging card is included in the all-inclusive package

  • Over 300 reviews on Google. The Carvolution community is growing every day

  • A useful app. The subscription is quickly available and you can adjust the monthly kilometrage package yourself.

  • Available 7 days a week via live chat

  • Mobiliar is a strategic partner

It's up to you

As you can see, the two car subscription providers differ from each other. In the end, it's up to you to decide which aspects are important to you. Having a fuel card or a recharge card included in the all-inclusive package? Having a wider choice of kilometre packages or minimum durations? If you choose Carvolution, you will find an overview of our vehicles here. And if you want to know more about Carvolution and the car subscription, you can find an overview of the other blog posts here.

Guaranteed never to pay too much

We guarantee that your total costs will be lower with a car subscription than with leasing. If we are more expensive, we will reduce our prices! Start a free, non-binding comparison now.

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