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Carvolution offers new and like-new cars on a subscription basis. The answer to the question of what happens to the cars after they have been driven for a while and have been returned to us by customers can be found in this blog post.

New and like-new cars from Carvolution

If you drive your car with a Carvolution subscription, you drive a new or like-new car. The cars are very well equipped, with countless assistance and safety systems to ensure that you drive safely and comfortably. The quality of our cars is high.

Some of the vehicles come directly from stock and are therefore brand new. Other vehicles are as good as new. This means that a Carvolution customer has only driven a car for 3 months, for example, and then returned it without any complications.

Refurbishment or fleet renewal

If a returned car is still new and meets our quality standards, our team will recondition it. Our modern equipment, such as the dry ice machine, allows for a very deep and thorough cleaning. Visual damage to the bodywork is repaired. And if maintenance work is required, this is also carried out before the car is offered for sale.

If a car is no longer needed or no longer meets Carvolution's quality standards, it is scrapped. This means that it is no longer offered. The vehicles are then marketed by the manufacturers, external residual value guarantors or by us as used cars through various sales channels.

What happens to the cars from Carvolution?

As you can see, Carvolution cars are either refurbished so that they can make another customer happy, or they are sold as used cars. This means that you are guaranteed to always drive a new or perfectly good car. Have you already chosen your new car?

You will also find an overview of Carvolution and the car subscription.

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