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Have you ever felt like your car was too big for the one parking space or had not enough space for all your luggage? Have you never been upset about your car? Neither have we. Searching for the right car is often more complex than you first imagine. It is probably easiest to first find out what type of vehicle user you are and which car fits you best.

Know your own needs

Undecided buyers don’t see the one car at the beginning, but an almost unlimited selection of cars in countless designs and variations. In order to get some clarity before deciding to buy, lease or use a mobility service, basic questions should be clarified, such as the price range of the vehicle, the required number of seats and the total space the car should offer.

When you start talking about the budget for the new car, there is no way around looking at the loss in value of new cars. This is why annual cars are often included in the selection. But what's wrong with having an older car? Besides well-preserved classic cars, you should take a look at the second-hand market and perhaps consider a lease return. When comparing costs, however, any repair costs incurred must also be taken into account. These can be difficult to predict and can happen quick for older vehicles.

Also the maintenance should be well calculated before the purchase. This can vary greatly from car to car. Not only the type of class for the insurance must be taken into account, but also the cost of wearing parts and maintenance.

City, Country, Highway

If most journeys are to be made on the highway, a car with a higher number of gears is advisable. Longer journeys at 140 km/h in fifth gear can be perceived as very annoying in the long run, which is why at least a six-speed or automatic car could be used. There should also be sufficient power to use the acceleration lane safely. Drivers who mainly drive on the highway also often complain that the constant clutch and shifting in traffic jams on the highway is quite annoying - and they would like to have an automatic transmission. Of course with an additional traffic jam assistant. Diesel engines offer optimum conditions for a long-distance vehicle, as they have good running smoothness and durability. For city trips, a gasoline engine is not bad, and even lower performance does not cause any restrictions. A short wheelbase means a small turning circle, which is especially useful for small city dodgers and in the city.

Vehicle types

The statistics of new registrations show that SUVs (sports utility vehicles) will continue to fly high. But also the SUV, like all other types, has its advantages and inconvenients:

1. The SUV

The higher seating position is perceived by SUV drivers as the greatest advantage over small cars. Since many SUVs are often delivered with four-wheel drive, rough terrain is no problem. But it is important to note that the SUV is not an off-road vehicle through and through. Technically, it is more similar to a small car model, as it has no rigid axles and differential lock. Nevertheless it offers clear advantages over other vehicle types. Like, SUVs can usually pull trailers and offer space for the whole family. Due to its size, all passengers have sufficient leg and headroom and enjoy a comfortable ride even on long distances. Often the storage space is also the most important decision criterion for an SUV. This eliminates space problems regarding the storage of suitcases, ski equipment and parasols.

But despite its popularity, an SUV also has a few disadvantages. With it, parking is often more difficult, because it is wide and large. Due to the higher weight of an SUV one has also higher costs for fuel and the tires incl. wear and tear that are more important than with other car types. If you calculate further, you quickly notice that the insurance premiums are also higher. If you want the visual advantages of an SUV in a small car, then choose the compact SUV.

2. The Station Wagon

Station wagon models are also quite popular: they often combine sporty design with indispensable practicality, even if they are ordered with the off-road package. The large storage space for luggage and pleasant space conditions for the passengers speak for the SW. In addition, the fuel consumption is lower than that of the SUV because it weighs less.

It always has to be weighed up: Do I really need the large loading area or is a limousine or small car not enough? Because the fuel consumption is higher in comparison with smaller vehicles. The complexity of the assistance systems, which are often numerous, does not make sense for everyone, and the price of the SW is significantly higher than that of a limousine or a small car.

3. The Limousine

The limousine is an elegant and often sporty car that offers you a compromise between the station wagon and the small car. The fuel consumption is lower than that of a station wagon, although the space available is also reduced. Thanks to the continued long wheelbase, passengers in the back seat still have good legroom and there is also enough room in the trunk for sports equipment or shopping bags. In terms of handling, the limousine is also much more comfortable than the small car, as it runs more smoothly straight ahead and can absorb unevenness better.

4. The small car

Many see the biggest advantage of the small car in its compactness. Thanks to its short wheelbase it makes incredibly small turning circles. It makes it into even the smallest parking spaces that the station wagon or SUV has to give up. It is therefore the optimal choice for urban traffic. Thanks to its low weight, the tank filling is more economical than in any other car. Small cars are real price-performance wonders.

Therefore you have to accept some constraints regarding space. Often you have to decide between the passengers and the big luggage, because the trunk only offers space for a few bags. Even among the small cars there are more spacious models. But it is worthwhile to take a closer look here, for how many people the car is certified and how much luggage can actually be stowed. If you often need the car for ski trips or for a camping holiday, you will find more suitable models in other car types.

5. The Van

Similar to the SUV, the van has great space. Seven seats are installed as standard. It is good to know whether the rear rows of seats can be removed so that the van can also be used to transport materials. Thanks to its high weight, it can easily be used as a towing vehicle and equipped with all-wheel drive, it won't let you down even on rough terrain.

Similar to the SUV, its costs are a major disadvantage because it is rather expensive to maintain, fuel and pay for the insurance premium. Before buying, also make sure that your parking space is large enough and above all that your garage is high enough for the family car.

6. The Electric car

The electric car has even fewer emissions than the small car. Even if the manufacture and disposal of the car battery causes CO2, studies have shown that an electric car is now much more environmentally friendly than a combustion engine. Are you wondering if the electric car is something for you? Then think about which routes you want to drive and where you can load the car. Do you have a charging station near your apartment and can you install a wall box in your parking lot? If this is possible and you need the car especially for shorter distances, it is a suitable option for you. Also check whether you have tax advantages in your canton of residence with an electric car and let this flow into your decision.

7. the hybrid

An electric car is less suitable for longer distances without charging stations. But if you still want to drive partially on electricity, a hybrid or plug-in hybrid is the right choice. A hybrid makes a difference especially in city traffic, as the electric motor can work well at low speeds. On longer distances and on the highway, the gasoline engine is used more, because the battery can be charged less and loses power faster.

Purchase, lease or mobility service?

Who actually tells us that we have to commit ourselves to one type of car? What if the car adapts to our life? For maximum flexibility, the mobility Service is the best choice: the contract period is shorter than with leasing offers. So when I move from the city to the country, I can simply exchange the small car for an SUV. You need more space in the boot for your new hobby? Just swap your limousine for an estate car.

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