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Finding the perfect car subscription in Switzerland can be a challenge, especially with the growing number of providers on the market. A new comparison platform, Why Buy, promises to help with the selection process, but as of today (January 2024) only shows offers from five providers, while there are over 15 in total. As the largest car subscription provider in Switzerland, we would like to give you an insight behind the scenes of this comparison platform and at the same time show you what you should look out for when using Why Buy so that you can find a suitable car subscription.ß

About Why Buy

Why Buy looks great at first glance with a stylish design that promotes user-friendliness. However, the brand new platform, which is still in its early days, has a few errors in the settings for duration and kilometres, as well as the car categories, which can lead to misleading results. For example, some providers start their kilometre packages at 250 kilometres per month, while others only start at 850 kilometres. At first glance, the provider with 250 kilometres may seem cheaper, but the lower mileage also means less service. Such a comparison is therefore not ideal.

Which Swiss car subscription providers does Why Buy compare?

Why Buy currently lists offers from Carvolution, VivelaCar, Upto, Clyde and Flatdrive. It is noticeable that providers such as Carify and Awesome Car Subscription are missing. To get a more complete overview, we recommend taking a look at platforms such as Flexdrive, which cover a wider range of providers.

One interesting aspect is the similarity in design between Why Buy and Flatdrive. It is pointed out that both platforms have the same agency in the background. However, it remains unclear whether the connection to Flatdrive influences the independence of the comparison platform.

How do I compare car subscription providers correctly?

To find the best deal, we advise you not to rely solely on comparison platforms, but to obtain quotes directly from the providers. Read the insurance details carefully and thoroughly check the condition and equipment of the cars on offer. Just because the make and model are the same does not mean that the cars are identical. A closer look can protect you from unpleasant surprises.

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