Your next car

Your next car

Drive your next car for as long as you like, for a monthly fixed price.

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For people living in Switzerland a car subscription makes a lot of sense.

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Depending on the leasing conditions and the period under consideration, leasing can be more expensive than a car subscription.

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Monthly fixed price

Choose your next car and select your mileage package. Insurance, taxes, tyres: it's all already included. No additional costs.


Cancel monthly

As long as you want

Whether 6 months, longer, or forever. You decide how long you want to keep your car. After the minimum period of 6 months you can return, change or keep your car.



Careless on the road

Book your car online with just a few clicks. The Carvolution-service covers everything. Thanks to our partner, Mobiliar, you are optimally insured with us.


The best value for money


Our insurance package includes liability insurance as well as fully comprehensive insurance. The deductible for fully comprehensive damage is CHF 1,000. There is no deductible for third-party liability and partial coverage claims. You may, of course, also ask to use your own insurance at the time of booking. However, it is mandatory that this insurance has at least the same coverage as ours. As a rule of thumb, it is easier and cheaper to book our insurance directly with your car subscription.


All car taxes are paid by Carvolution. There is no cost to you in this respect.


Carvolution ensures the car is always fitted with adequate tires. We change the tires directly at your location without any cost implications for you.


The vehicles are registered in your canton of residence.

Service and maintenance

All service and maintenance costs are already included in the subscription price. In addition, Carvolution takes over the entire coordination of the handling. Any service work on the car will of course be carried out close to you.

Road tax sticker

Every car of Carvolution is equipped with a road tax sticker, the so called "Vigniette", for Switzerland.

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Frequently asked questions:

  1. Why are we so affordable?
    We get our cars on a big scale, therefore we benefit from discounts. The same goes for the insurance and the tyres. We are proud to mention that Comparis and Moneyland transparently showed the financial benefits of the car subscription.

  2. Can I buy the car in the end?
    You can, but this is not our core business. We determine per situation what is best for you and for us.

  3. When can I have the car?
    Depending on the make and model, it can be as quick as 10 working days.

  4. Can I terminate the contract on a monthly basis after the 6 months or does it go on for 6 new months after the first period?
    When your first period comes to an end, you can cancel the subscription monthly (based on sign-up period).

  5. Isn't the car subscription much more expensive?
    It would depend on the what you compare us to, but usually we are able to provide you with a value proposition that matches your situation. We are the most econmocal provider of car subscriptions in Switzerland according a recent Comparis study (in German).

  6. Can I choose the interior / equipment of the car?
    All our cars are pre-configured with a high trim level and we have a comprehensive set of available colors in stock. We only have limited options to customize your car, please get in touch with us about the options.

  7. Can I commit longer to the subscription in order to get a better price?
    We hope to offer this in the near future.
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