The car subscription, the better leasing

Without years of commitment

Conventional leasing offers bind you for several years. In addition, you have to take care of your own comprehensive insurance and maintenance. With us you get your new car without a fixed term, but including everything except fuel.

No fixed duration

Flexible mobility

Most leasing contracts bind you for several years. With Carvolution you can return the vehicle monthly after 3 months.

No additional costs

Full cost transparency

The subscription fee includes all costs except fuel - From the road tax sticker and registration to tirechanges and repairs. There are no hidden costs.

The disadvantages of conventional leasing

The monthly leasing installment is only a part of the costs that are incurred by the lessee. Despite the often high initial down payment, the car does not belong to you in the end. In addition, a fully comprehensive insurance policy must always be taken out for leasing. In total, the monthly leasing rate has to be multiplied by 3 in order to get an estimate for the total cost of the car.

Leasing misconceptions:

❌ The car belongs to me

❌ Leasing is affordable

❌ I can get out at any time

There are many hidden costs in leasing.

Here you can find our detailed calculation example which gives you an overview of the resulting costs.

We focus on cost transparency and flexibility

As an alternative to conventional leasing, we offer a new car in an all-inclusive package. Our contracts are not only many times more flexible, but do not contain any hidden costs. Except refueling everything is already included.

Do you want to know more? Just fill out the form and we will get in touch with you shortly.

Leasing with no commitment, but all inclusive

Everything included


The Carvolution Mobility package includes civil liability, personal damages, and travel support insurance.
Please observe the regulations on compulsory registration and deductibles in our terms and conditions. An accident insurance not covered, but is mandatorily required. Most people are insured through their employer insurance. You can also find more information in our terms and conditions.


All car taxes are paid by Carvolution. There is no cost to you in this respect.

Included mileage

The subscription includes 1'750 free kilometers per month. In case you want to drive more kilometers, call us - we'll find a solution.

Initial highway vignette

Every car of Carvolution is equipped with a motorway sticker for Switzerland.


The cars of Carvolution are registered in the Canton Appenzell Innerrhoden and are therefore equipped with a license plate starting with AI. On request, we can also check the possibility of an registration at your place of residence.

Service and maintenance

All service and maintenance costs are already included in the subscription price. In addition, Carvolution takes over the entire coordination of the handling. Any service work on the car will of course be carried out close to you.


Carvolution ensures the car is always fitted with adequate tires. We change the tires directly at your location without any cost implications for you.

Change of vehicle

After a subscription period of 6 months, the car can be changed to another vehicle type. We will exchange the car directly at your place.

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Michelle - Skoda Octavia

"The car subscription is the perfect alternative to leasing. Now I have a new car and didn't have to commit myself for years. In addition, I didn't have to worry about anything."

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Markus - VW Tiguan

"I'm glad Cavolution took care of everything. Not only am I flexible, but I also save money. In my case, the subscription is cheaper than the leasing offered."

Misconception Nr. 1

"The car belongs to me"

Many see the monthly installments as a kind of repayment of the car. By definition, leasing is nothing more than a rent. The lessor retains ownership of the leased asset. The right of the lessee to take over the vehicle at the end of the defined term at the residual value shows that during the leasing you are not the owner of the car but only its user. It is also important that the price for the takeover is based on the market value of the vehicle and that a leasing takeover is therefore equivalent to the purchase of a used car. It should be noted that the car does not belong to you even after years of installments.

Misconception Nr. 2

"Leasing is affordable"

Advertisements give the impression that leasing is a lucrative way to buy a car. If the poster offers a new car for CHF 99 per month, this includes only 10,000 kilometres per year and minimal equipment. If you take a brief look at leasing, you will quickly notice that an increase in mileage or proper equipment of the vehicle quickly increase the monthly rate many times over. The monthly installments can be reduced by paying a down payment, which saves interest, but the car still completely belongs to the lessor.

The leasing instalments only cover the use of the vehicle itself. The obligatory fully comprehensive insurance, visits to the brand garage and other car-related costs are to be borne additionally by the lessee. According to TCS, if all vehicle costs are to be taken into account, the effective leasing rate has to be the equivalent of 3 times the base rate . The leasing itself is often cheap, but the total costs are much higher than what the lessees expect.

Misconception Nr. 3

"Ich kann jederzeit aussteigen"

The majority of leasing contracts are concluded for a period of 3 to 4 years. The lessee commits to paying the monthly leasing instalment for the next few years once the down payment has been made. If a lessee wants to leave the company early due to job loss, departure abroad or other reasons, this will cause him to have to pay high fines. In practice, it is difficult to pass on a current leasing contract, which is why early withdrawal from the lease results in high costs despite the return of the vehicle.

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