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Details, assumptions and basis of calculation.

We regularly check market data to find out how our car subscription prices compare with other financing options.

As the market is dynamic and interest rates, for example, are constantly changing, this is an illustrative calculation which assumes certain things:

We have made the following assumptions:

Interest rate: 3.9%
The interest rate is an assumption. It is possible that you will find a leasing offer with higher or lower interest rates. Currently, the interest rates tend to be at a higher level, as capital has become more expensive again.

Down payment: approx. 10% of list price incl. optional extras
We assume a down payment of about 10%. To include the down payment in the total monthly costs, we simply divide the down payment by the duration, e.g. CHF 6,000 by 36 months, resulting in a down payment of CHF 166 per month.

Discounts: empirical values from private customers
To ensure that the comparison is as realistic as possible, discounts that may be possible for private customers were assumed on the basis of empirical values. Although vehicle prices are currently rising, discounts were determined for various models.

Residual values: average values based on Eurotax values
For residual values we use standard market assumptions, which car dealers also use to determine the residual value in the leasing contract. Again, depending on the car, make and also equipment, this may differ from the usual values.

Tyres: Effective costs of Continental (premium tyres)
The cost of tyres depends on the size of the tyre and the kilometres driven. The larger a tyre, the more expensive it is. This also applies to storage and seasonal replacement.

Insurance: Mobiliar insurance costs
The insurance premium depends on various factors, such as the vehicle value or the chosen deductible. The age and accident history of the insured person also have an influence on the premium. For the calculation, we assume a middle-aged person.

Redemption and taxes:
There are differences in the costs for redemption and taxes between the individual cantons. For electric cars in particular, there are large differences in road taxes from canton to canton. In the comparison, the most favourable canton was used as the basis for calculating the car subscription and leasing costs.

Questions or suggestions regarding our assumptions? We look forward to your input!

The last update took place on 29.02.2024.

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