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Changeover to Carvolution QR invoices

It's that simple: scan and pay!


The new Carvolution QR invoice is ready for you in your mailbox!

From 30 September 2022, the old orange payment slips will no longer be accepted. Your Carvolution invoice has therefore been updated with the new QR payment slip.

Thanks to the digital possibilities of the Carvolution QR invoice, paying is becoming much easier.

Money pay

Simple and straightforward: You can still pay via your preferred channel!

The QR invoice can be paid via the same channels as the old payment slips.


Automatic and convenient: Just scan the QR code!

The QR code contains all the payment information and can be easily scanned with your mobile banking app on your smartphone, with your laptop camera or via a document reader – no more tedious typing the reference number.


Payment using payment templates and standing orders

Payment templates registered in your e-banking or standing orders must be updated with the new QR payment details (new IBAN and reference number). Otherwise, payments can no longer be processed.

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