Testimonials about the car subscription

Testimonials and opinions from customers. What do I need to know about a car subscription?

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Testimonials, opinions and customer comments on the car subscription.

Is a car on subscription too good to be true? This is the question many people ask themselves before choosing their first car on subscription. It is simple, flexible and inexpensive. But does it really deliver what it promises?

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Vera Bueller

The service is perfect (with personal, very friendly support) and the whole process is perfectly uncomplicated. The car was delivered on time to our doorstep - in the southernmost tip of Switzerland. Everything worked without a hitch.

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Bernd Herold

We were looking for a business vehicle with space for our dry steam cleaners for complete transport. We found a complete package with the right team. The organisation, delivery and support are both professional and familiar. You feel you are in good hands. You simply have to say thank you. For whom it pays off - only to be recommended.

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Marlis Schmidt

I am very satisfied with the service and the new Ford Puma. The delivery also went perfectly. The app is very customer-friendly and the staff on the phone and by email are very competent and friendly. What I like about Carvolution is that everything (except fuel) is included. You don't have to worry about insurance and so on.

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Daniel Grothe

Best service, fast and competent, good advice, no -really no- hidden costs from the consultation to the delivery. I would use a car through you again at any time! Thank you 💐

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Hans-Christian Stuber

I am convinced of the service that Carvolution offers! I have just received my second car on subscription and it is actually "my" car with a strong partner who ensures that everything is 100% perfect with the car. Many thanks to the Carvolution team!

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Stefan SĂ€cherl

I have been a customer since May 2021 and am very satisfied with the BMW 1 Series. The customer service is excellent, there's no other way to put it. When the car had a software error once, I got quick and uncomplicated help as well as a replacement vehicle. After the term expires, I will definitely order a new car from Carvolution.

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Kate Jobe

I have been a customer of Carvolution for over 2 years and am just now driving my 3rd car from there. As a business customer, I need flexibility and people who can work with me to fulfil my needs. I have found Carvolution to be a very friendly and willing to give me the information that I need within a tight timeline. The website is easy to use. I highly recommend Carvolution.

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Andres Neira

I am so happy with the subscription. As an expat it’s my perfect fit in Switzerland: flexible contract, full range of vehicles, service all in, great assistance, intuitive app.

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David Brown

Second lease with Carvolution now as I moved to another type of car on renewal. Great service and good pricing once you take all costs in. Fuel carbon is also offset using Avia which is great. Always quick to reply and very helpful. Bannwil on train line and short walk to collect car if you want to pick up.

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Advantages and disadvantages of a car subscription

As with everything, there are pros and cons to car subscriptions. The car subscription offers you a great alternative to buying and leasing a car if you value a simple, flexible and inexpensive solution for your next car.


  • Simple
  • Everything about the car is included in the all-inclusive bundle. You only have to refuel/charge. We take care of the insurance, redemption and much more.
  • Flexible
  • With the car subscription you choose whether you want to drive the car for a few months or several years.
  • Affordable
  • As we limit our offer to selected cars, you benefit from attractive conditions thanks to our bulk orders.


  • Limited choice
  • Unfortunately, not every car of every brand is available for subscription. However, we are constantly expanding our selection.
  • No individual configuration
  • We order the cars in large volumes. That's why we can't take individual wishes into account.

Looking for detailed testimonials?

In the blog posts of our community you will find various contributions from our customers. In their testimonials, you will not only find out what they like about the car subscription, but also what it is like to use the car subscription in everyday life and where there may still be small stumbling blocks.

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