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To figure out how much a car costs per year, you need to know what your costs are per year. Which costs are often forgotten and what are variable or fixed costs? Read the blog and find out.

How much does a purchased car cost per year?

According to TCS, a purchased car costs around 10'495 Fr. or 70 Rp./km per year. To show you the exact costs, I'll show you the annual costs of a car based on a new car that costs 35,000 CHF and has an annual mileage of 15,000 km.

On the one hand, a distinction is made between fixed costs and variable costs. Fixed costs are those that will always be incurred, no matter what. These are, for example, amortisation, garage costs, insurance and taxes. Variable costs include service and maintenance, tyre costs, fuel costs and depreciation.

According to TCS, the fixed costs amount to 62.3%, the variable costs to 37.7%. Likewise, according to TCS, the fixed costs for this example car amount to 6'539.- per year and variable costs to 3'956.- per year. This results in annual costs of CHF 10,495 or 70 centimes per kilometre for a purchased car.

How much does a car on subscription cost per year?

A direct comparison between the annual costs of a purchased car and a car on subscription from Carvolution can be seen in the example of the Ford Focus SW ST-Line X. The purchase price is about 32'95 CHF. The purchase price is approx. 32'000 Fr., which is more or less the amount of the example car at the time of purchase. You drive the Ford Focus on a subscription basis for 574.- per month. That's an annual cost of CHF 6,912 for a car. This price already includes everything related to the car, except for fuel/charging costs.

That means insurance, cantonal redemption, taxes, service and tyres are already included.Compared to buying a car, you save 3'583 CHF per year with a car subscription. This is an example for a station wagon, a small car you can drive with Carvolution already from 338 CHF per month or 4'056 CHF per year. You save 6'439 CHF compared to buying a car.

The cost of a car per year

If you want to find out how much your car costs per year, you have to write down the fixed and the variable costs of your car, so you will get the annual costs in a next step. If you have any questions or would like to know more about the car subscription, you can find an overview of our blogs here or feel free to contact us.

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