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Sell your old car to our partner Farie in just a few clicks and completely online.

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Receive a free offer

Fill in the form and receive your personal link by e-mail. Enter all the details of your car and you will receive a purchase offer.


Fill in the form

Fill in the form to receive your personal link by e-mail.


Enter car data

In the personal link, you can enter all the details of your car at your leisure.


Receive purchase offer

If all the information is complete, you will receive a great purchase offer.

Receive purchase offer

Selling your car is child's play with our partner Farie

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Digital and free of charge

The entire sales process is completely digital and free of charge.


Attractive sales offer

Attractive sales prices - you get up to +20% more for your old car.


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Professional purchase processing by experts.

Questions and answers about your car sale

Vehicle valuation

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How long does it take until I receive a purchase offer?

After you have filled out the form, our partner Farie will start the evaluation of your car. You will receive the purchase offer within 36 hours directly via email.

How is the car evaluated?

Farie evaluates the car based on the information you provide. In addition to the information you provide on the condition of the car, Eurotax data and current market prices are taken into account for the calculation.

How long is the purchase offer valid?

The purchase offer from our partner Farie is valid for 14 days.

How do I get an updated offer?

The best way is to request a new purchase offer. Whether the purchase offer changes then depends in particular on the kilometres driven and any changes in market prices.

Will I incur any costs for the sale?

No, the sale of your car to our partner Farie is free of charge.

Will the car be collected from my home?

Farie offers a free collection of the car directly from your home. Alternatively, you can drop it off at Carvolution in Bannwil.

When will the contract of sale be signed?

When the car is handed over, there is a handover protocol where the condition of the car is recorded and compared with your details. If this is done at Carvolution in Bannwil, the purchase contract can be signed directly after the inspection. Once the car has been collected from you, our partner Farie will send you the purchase contract electronically.

What happens if my details are not correct?

Please make sure that you fill in the details truthfully. If it turns out that the condition of your car does not correspond to your specifications, the purchase price will have to be adjusted. With the adjusted purchase price, you are free to accept or reject the offer. If you refuse, you can simply pick up the car again, otherwise Farie will gladly bring your car back to your home for CHF 200.


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What are the requirements for a purchase offer?

You can request a purchase offer from Farie for any car. Unfortunately, Farie cannot buy every car, especially if the car is still under a leasing contract or, for example, does not have a Swiss registration.

Do I have to drive a car on a Carvolution subscription?

No, we are of course happy if you decide to take out a car subscription.

Sale and payment

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How long does it take to get the money in my account?

As soon as the car has been handed over and the sales contract has been signed, the money will be transferred to your account within a few days. This usually takes 1-3 working days.

Can I also receive the money in cash?

Unfortunately, this is not possible with Farie. Farie transfers the money via bank transfer.

What happens to the car after the sale?

The car is properly prepared by Farie for resale. Possible defects or signs of use are carefully repaired, the car is professionally photographed, cleaned and then resold online.

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