The car subscription.

Your new car in an All-in-One package. Discover the best car subscription in Switzerland. Simple, flexible and affordable.

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Your new car on subscription

Find your new car subscription in Switzerland. Many models from various brands: from small cars to estate cars and SUVs to vans, Carvolution offers a wide range of petrol, diesel, hybrid and electric cars.

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Your All-in-One car subscription

A new car and everything related to the car is included in one monthly fixed price.


Whether it's a small car, SUV, wagon, van or limousine, petrol, diesel or electric. You can choose from various models of different brands. The cars are all new or as good as new.


Both third-party and fully comprehensive insurance are included in the car subscription. There is no deductible for third-party and partially comprehensive damage. You can determine the deductible for fully comprehensive damage yourself between CHF 250-1000. Optional insurances are: Parking damage insurance, gross negligence protection and traffic legal protection insurance.


You drive your new car with new number plates, which are registered in your canton of residence. This way you can easily obtain a resident parking permit and trips abroad are no problem.


Taxes vary from canton to canton. Therefore, the car subscription price differs depending on the canton.

Service & maintenance

All service and maintenance is included in the all-inclusive bundle. Contact us, we'll tell you which service garage you can take your car to.



New tyres, tyre changes and storage are all taken care of for you. Just choose one of our partner garages.

Other extras

  • Your access to the Carvolution app: so you can always keep an eye on your subscription
  • First vignette: We get your car ready to go, so the initial highway vignette is also included. Of course, you can also drive abroad, but please note any fees on motorways.
  • Fuelling & charging card: You will receive a personal fuel card with your car. You can use it at over 500 AVIA gas stations in Switzerland either to offset the CO2 emissions of your fuel free of charge or to fill up for 5 cents less per litre. If you drive an electric car, you will receive an annual membership of evpass for free. Plus you can charge your electric car in the evpass network for 5 cents less.

The advantages of a car subscription with Carvolution

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Car subscription with an All-in-One bundle: Everything you need for your car at a fixed monthly price.

All-in-One car subscription: fully comprehensive insurance & third-party liability, registration in your canton of residence, taxes, tyres, tyre change and storage, service and maintenance and other extras. Watch the video to find out exactly how the All-in-One car subscription works.

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Choose whether you want to drive the car for a few months or several years and adjust your kilometre package.

No matter whether you want to drive your car for a few months or several years, you choose the subscription period. In addition, you can flexibly adjust the kilometre package in our app on a monthly basis.

Configure your subscription

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Your affordable alternative to buying and leasing with clearly calculable total costs.

The total costs of having a car on a subscription are not only lower than buying or leasing, but also more easily calculated. You also bear no risk for the resale of the car.

Individual total cost comparison

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Your personal consultation on site

Simply visit us in Bannwil or Zurich and get all the information you need about Switzerland's most popular car subscription.

Why a car subscription instead of leasing? What is included in the car subscription? We will be happy to answer these and many other questions in a free, non-binding consultation.

Book an appointment
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That's how the car subscription works

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Choose your car
Choose your car from Carvolution's wide range of brands and models.

Configure your subscription
Configure the car subscription according to your needs by selecting the desired term and kilometre package. The All-in-One package of the subscription already includes all car-related costs: insurance, taxes, registration, tyres, service & maintenance.

Order a car subscription
Request your car subscription offer or order it directly online. We are also happy to provide you with a non-binding consultation.

    Best Price Guarantee

    With our Best Price Guarantee, we show you how affordable our car subscription is compared to leasing. If our costs are higher, we will reduce the subscription price for you. Simply send us your leasing offer. We will check the comparison and tell you how much you can save on your car subscription.

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    Questions and answers about the Carvolution car subscription

    What is included in the All-in-One package of the Carvolution car subscription?

    The car subscription is available as an All-in-One package at a monthly fixed price: fully comprehensive insurance & third-party liability (excess can be freely selected), registration in your canton of residence, taxes, tyre change and storage, service and maintenance and other extras.

    Why is Carvolution and the car subscription so affordable?

    We buy cars in large quantities, which allows us to get significant discounts that we pass on directly to our customers. At the same time, we have no middlemen and benefit from our lean and digital organisation.

    For which cars is the Carvolution car subscription available?

    All our current brands and models are listed here. You will find pictures and detailed information on the equipment of all cars. If you would like more information, we will be happy to help you.

    If you can't find the car you're looking for, don't hesitate to contact us, as we are constantly expanding our range. By the way: All our cars are brand new or as good as new and therefore equipped with the latest technology (e.g. the latest assistance systems).

    Where can I collect the car? Can I have the car delivered to my home?

    Both options are possible, so the choice is yours. You can pick up the car on subscription from our headquarters in Bannwil. We will be happy to give you a look behind the scenes, so you not only get to know our team, but also see our garage. Of course, we'll also serve you a good coffee.

    On request, we can also deliver the car to your home or work, as long as the delivery location is in Switzerland. We charge neither time nor distance, but a flat rate of CHF 195 for delivery. Collecting your car on subscription from us is of course free of charge.

    What are the requirements for a contract?

    You need to be resident in Switzerland and hold a valid category B driving licence from Switzerland or Liechtenstein. We also check foreign driving licences, but it is important that your driving licence is valid on Swiss roads. When we check your details, we also check your creditworthiness, among other things, before concluding the contract. We regret that we have to reject enquiries in the case of debt collection and loss certificates.

    What our clients say about the car subscription

    Ma Ko
    Ma Ko

    A very young and friendly team! They gave great advice and made you feel at ease at all times (in person in Bannwil or by phone). The Carvolution car subscription was a great interim solution, as you could also redeem it for just 6 months. The all-inclusive offer means you don't have to worry about anything except filling up the tank :-)! Good selection of different new cars. Highly recommended! Top!

    Matheus Cavicchioli
    Matheus Cavicchioli

    I had a BMW from Carvolution for 2 years and it was amazing! Great service, easy to manage, all inclusive! As an expat, I could have no better deal. Was also flexible to exchange between the mileage used. To give it back they are quite reasonable, they understand signs of usage and if you take care of the car as your own, no issue at all! Great service.

    Roger Fritschi
    Roger Fritschi

    Totally young and very friendly staff. From the beginning to the end of our subscription. We also received a very friendly welcome when we returned the vehicle. Everything was always organised and taken care of by Carvolution. Simply put: A top service!!! We can only recommend Carvolution and would like to thank the team for everything. Fam. Fritschi

    Cedric Turler
    Cedric Turler

    Excellent experience with Carvolution, which I highly recommend. The process is very simple and fast. The all-inclusive concept is very practical and there are no monthly surprises. The staff are professional and very friendly. Our car was delivered to the house at the agreed date and time.

    Daniel Grothe
    Daniel Grothe

    Best service, fast and competent, good advice, no -really no- hidden costs from the enquiry to the delivery. I would use a car through you again at any time! Thank you

    Christoph Eisenhut
    Christoph Eisenhut

    I've been driving with Carvolution for almost a year now. First a Ford Ka+, now a Bulli suitable for families. Service is always top. I can only warmly recommend Carvolution.

    Hans Christian Stuber
    Hans-Christian Stuber

    I am convinced of the service that Carvolution offers! I have just received my second car on subscription and it is actually "my" car with a strong partner who ensures that everything is 100% perfect around the car. Many thanks to the Carvolution team!

    A Sun A b Ond
    aSunA bOnd

    First of all, THANKS FOR EXISTING!!! From the first consultation to the live chat to the takeover of the car, competent and friendly people. I am super happy with the car and if I have any questions, I receive feedback within a very short time, even if there is no solution to the problem yet. I can only recommend it, especially for those who can't afford their own car.

    Beat Dietsche
    Beat Dietsche

    Highly recommended. Also good professional service after windscreen damage. Smooth return and takeover of the successor vehicle.

    Duman yunus
    Duman Yunus

    Simple and straightforward. I have owned a Ford Fiesta car since the end of February. I enjoy it, but unfortunately due to financial and work changes I have to give the car back. But still thank you for your efforts and recommend.

    Bildschirmfoto 2023 02 24 um 17 03 57
    Vera Bueller

    The service is perfect (with personal, very friendly support) and the whole process is perfectly uncomplicated. The car was delivered on time to our doorstep - in the southernmost tip of Switzerland. Everything worked without a hitch.

    Bildschirmfoto 2023 02 24 um 17 03 45
    Bernd Herold

    We were looking for a business vehicle with space for our dry steam cleaners for complete transport. We found a complete package with the right team. The organisation, delivery and support are both professional and familiar. You feel you are in good hands. You simply have to say thank you. For whom it pays off - only to be recommended.

    Bildschirmfoto 2023 02 24 um 17 04 27
    Marlis Schmidt

    I am very satisfied with the service and the new Ford Puma. The delivery also went perfectly. The app is very customer-friendly and the staff on the phone and by email are very competent and friendly. What I like about Carvolution is that everything (except fuel) is included. You don't have to worry about insurance and so on.

    Bildschirmfoto 2023 02 24 um 17 03 22
    Daniel Grothe

    Best service, fast and competent, good advice, no -really no- hidden costs from the consultation to the delivery. I would use a car through you again at any time! Thank you 💐

    Bildschirmfoto 2023 02 24 um 17 51 12
    Hans-Christian Stuber

    I am convinced of the service that Carvolution offers! I have just received my second car on subscription and it is actually "my" car with a strong partner who ensures that everything is 100% perfect with the car. Many thanks to the Carvolution team!

    Bildschirmfoto 2023 02 24 um 17 03 08
    Stefan Sächerl

    I have been a customer since May 2021 and am very satisfied with the BMW 1 Series. The customer service is excellent, there's no other way to put it. When the car had a software error once, I got quick and uncomplicated help as well as a replacement vehicle. After the term expires, I will definitely order a new car from Carvolution.

    Bildschirmfoto 2023 02 24 um 17 02 08
    Kate Jobe

    I have been a customer of Carvolution for over 2 years and am just now driving my 3rd car from there. As a business customer, I need flexibility and people who can work with me to fulfil my needs. I have found Carvolution to be a very friendly and willing to give me the information that I need within a tight timeline. The website is easy to use. I highly recommend Carvolution.

    Bildschirmfoto 2023 02 24 um 16 18 43
    Andres Neira

    I am so happy with the subscription. As an expat it’s my perfect fit in Switzerland: flexible contract, full range of vehicles, service all in, great assistance, intuitive app.

    Bildschirmfoto 2023 02 24 um 16 05 25
    David Brown

    Second lease with Carvolution now as I moved to another type of car on renewal. Great service and good pricing once you take all costs in. Fuel carbon is also offset using Avia which is great. Always quick to reply and very helpful. Bannwil on train line and short walk to collect car if you want to pick up.

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