Your car subscription - affordable and

A car that you will never pay too much for and all inclusive. The car subscription - the convenient alternative to buying and leasing.

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All inclusive

Your new car on subscription with insurance, taxes and tyres.



The car subscription - the affordable alternative to leasing and buying.



Carvolution takes care of everything. You have no paperwork.

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The car subscription -
a bundle for all your needs

Our all-inclusive bundle makes your life easier. Don’t worry about anything, just start driving.

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Why Carvolution ?

Affordable and fixed costs
with the car subscription

Total cost control and lower rates for your new car on subscription and all related services.

Total cost calculation

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Just select a vehicle
category and compare

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The car subscription
that adapts to your life

A bundle that can be customized to suit your lifestyle and budget.

Customizable bundle

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Customise your kilometre package
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Choose your deductible

Buying, leasing, carsharing
or subscription ?

Find out which one fits you with the quiz

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What our clients say about the car subscription

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The most popular car subscription in Switzerland

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Thanks to our unique customer experience
and our attractive conditions,
we welcome new, satisfied customers
to Carvolution every day.

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