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Spring is already in full swing and brings colour into our gardens. In order to be able to keep enjoying your car, it’s time for Spring cleaning. Here you will find out what you have to pay attention to and what you should not forget. After all, you want to keep your car in good condition. You can consider the following points:

Tyre change

Spring is the time for a tyre change. As a sudden spring freeze cannot be excluded even at this time, the tyres should not be changed too early. Not only the costs of the tyre change are included. We also give you a reminder in time and coordinate the change.

Vehicle cleaning

As soon as the temperatures stay above zero, it is time to clean your car. It is recommended to remove the dirt with a pressure washer to reach places like the wheel housings. For those who would like to have it more comfortable, simply visit a car wash station.

Cleaning of the interior

Clean the interior with a vacuum cleaner and wipe the plastic surfaces with a damp cloth or a suitable cleaning tool. With a glass cleaning product, you can clean the inside of all windows to remove the dirt film and smudges. If the interior is damp, you can put newspaper in the car for a day.

Empty the trunk and compartments

Over a year, it often happens that lots of things accumulate in the car, way more than actually needed. Search through the trunk and the numerous compartments of your car. The best is to remove from the car all winter materials and other stuff you don't need, as well as any rubbish. Because with every kilo less you drive around in your car, you save fuel.

Check car for scratches and stone chips

Scratches and stone chips can be detected much better after a thorough cleaning. Paint damages can also be repaired with a touch-up pen in the colour of the car to prevent rust. Larger damages and stone chips in the windows should in any case be left to the garage professionals.

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